"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done." (1 Chronicles 16:8)

The following are real comments and feedback provided through email and phone correspondence. Opinions presented are not necessarily the views of the Post-Rapture Post website.

"Holy crap, a plan B. This is my kind of religion."
- Fred Murtz, Oregon

"I was directed to your sight from the Oregonian. All I can say is"don't mess with God". This is an incredible blast to all who believe in God, funny, but not for you. I feel sorry for those who created your sight because you may be the last ones left laughing."
- Becky Veatch

"What an eschatology's hoot! Have you folks had any takers?"
- Mark

"Dear Fellow Left-Behinders,We'd like to apply for positions in your organization, perhaps as Post-Rapture Postal persons for the American Pacific Northwest. Although we're certain that there will be no shortage of potential employees for these positions, it seems likely that the number of those who have thought far enough ahead to apply in advance will be few enough to give us a really good shot at management interpositions understand that remuneration will not begin until actual delivery activity begins, so we're willing to accept on-call status until our services are required. We were overjoyed to find your website since, assuming that we qualify for future employment, it gives us one more reason to hope that the rapture comes soon and these sanctimonious bible-thumpers will just GO AWAY!Thank you for giving our applications the serious consideration they deserve."
- Larry McDonald

"Guys, Cute. Really cute. I'll pray for you."
- Carl

"Hi. Just want to say that I was doing some research for a business I was thinking of starting and came across your site. This is, hands down, the funniest thing I have every seen. Please tell me, has anyone actually bought these letters from you? Also, have you been interviewed on NPR yet? This is so them!"
- Jeanette from New Jersey

"you guys are fucked!!! i love it!!! lol"
- jploper1011@aol.com

"I just had to tell you that this is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen! I wish I had been creative enough to think of this. I love that devote Christians are not only giving a couple atheist their money but they are actually thanking you for taking it. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site."
- Erin Shaw

"Dear Friends,I feel for your empty lives in which you take money from unsuspecting individuals who are duped into trusting you. Unfortunately for you, you haven't read or at least comprehended the whole Book or you would not be making a mockery of what will be sad and tragic times for those left behind. Take heed to your own words on your site. What if you are wrong? Are you willing to embrace your own intelligence (It seems you are both very bright. ) and forgo all the peace and joy that is known to true believers? Jesus said that He came that we might have life and have it abundantly. Why thumb your nose at the God Who created you and loves you? He died for you and you will one day bow your knee to Him whether you like it or not. (See Philippians 2) I'm not one of these "Sunday Christians" who goes to church on Sunday and then do whatever I want Monday through Saturday. I truly believe and try to live by the tenants of my faith. I'm not some babbling hypocrite so please hear me out. In my job I work with many people who have mental challenges. We also adopted two children who had been abused and neglected. After many years studying and working with people like this, I am still amazed at the human brain and heart. How can anyone look intently at this amazing machinery and say there is no God? There is no way, when looking honestly at the facts, that one can walk away and say this. Even scripture points to this fact. Romans 1: 18 &19 states that a person's wickedness is what suppresses the truth. God has made it plain to everyone. Hence, there are no real atheists, only lost people wrapped up in their sin and not willing to admit that they need a savior. I have great joy and peace in my heart knowing that I have an eternal purpose and am making an eternal difference in the lives of the children and their families that I come in contact with. That same joy and peace is there for you as well. The key word here is humility. Humble yourself under God's mighty hand. It is certainly easier and more joyous to bow the knee now. I will be praying for you as you are obviously reaching out and wanting to know the Truth and the God Who created you and loves you more than you could ever hope for. I will be glad to write you back from time to time if you'd like. Oh, I do have a challenge for you. Prove the Bible wrong if you dare. The great minds of this world have tried and subsequently become the strongest believers known in the Christian faith. Try it. God has a great plan for your lives if you'll seek it. Maybe you'll be one of the great Christian thinkers of modern times. For your reading pleasure and some brain aerobics, try reading C. S. Lewis' book, Mere Christianity. It'll challenge your socks off."
- Elizabeth Jones

"I'd like to send my mother-in-law a card, but are you sure it won't get lost in the post? Do you do registered delivery with signature on receipt? I just want to cover all bases as I'm pretty sure that she won't be making it and it would be a shame if she didn't get the card."
- Ivy

"Dear Atheist Businessmen,I am a Christian who doesn't believe in pretty much anything other Christians believe, like that it is necessary to be baptized, reborn, eat host crackers, or be saved from anything. So, I guess if this Armageddon thing happens with the rapture and all, I admit the possibility that us anarchist Christians could be left in the embarrassing position of being left behind too. I figured you guys are the first really forward thinking guys I've heard of and your business could really grow. will you be taking applications for delivery people? I guess it's time to ask the hard question: Are you going to be an equal opportunity employer? Also, according to the rumors, aren't we supposed to be chopped all up screaming in a burning pit? Will you be providing insurance-decent medical? I have a bachelors degree in Art which, I'll admit is pretty worthless, but at least I can read a map."
- Rebecca Brown

"Just writing to say Wow. Whoever you guys are, you are GENIUSES. There just aren't words... I'm too impressed. Well done, all the best of luck for the future."
- Hannah

"Absolutely brilliant. Do confess, have you had any serious takers? Just curious. Cheers!"
- The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

"I'm a Christian who thinks the whole rapture/tribulation thing (at least as modern Christianity presents it) is a bunch of hooey. As such, I found your website absolutely hilarious! I noticed the paypal links actually work, so I was wondering how much money you've made off of this... and if you've ever sold a class 3 message."
- Dayne Batten

"I recently came across your site and I'm curious as to whether or not this is for real. Please let me know when you have a chance."
- Liam

"You guys are hilarious!"
- Gavin

"There will be a post rapture gathering at my place with free beer and food, since no one will be at the local police station and most people not at the local supermarket, it should be easy to party and blasphemy all we want. 6:00 PM sharp. Follow North star for directions."
- Daryl

"Where should I send my resume to apply to be a Post-Rapture Postal Carrier? I own my own car, carry a valid driver's license, and am up-to-date on my car insurance. I would love the chance to earn some extra Tribulation cash so I can put off getting the Mark of the Beast as long as possible."
- Ryan Checkeye

"Thanks for making my day. As much as I would like to support your site,I myself am a atheistic sinner and therefore doomed to be left below. Had I not chosen to believe in the power of science & technology, I too would have had a shot at Heaven."
- Karthik

"Fabulous! What more can I say?"
- Andy Mansker

"As a fellow Atheist I am kicking myself that I didn't think of it first!!!"
- Liam

"This is absolutely brilliant. This is similar to what a church promises, in that you don't have to deliver until after the customer is dead."
- Martin Smith

"Gentlemen: Permit me to congratulate you on your imagination and sense of humor. Your web page brightened my otherwise tedious day. Unfortunately, I am unable to take advantage of your firm's services. I am a Christian and I believe that Christ will eventually return, but I do not believe that the doctrine of"the Rapture" is supported by the Bible. Thus, I have no use for most of your products. The one product I would like to purchase (i. e the"Post Rapture Survival Guide") seems to be always out of stock. As a Christian, I am afraid I must disagree with your conclusion that you are not likely to enter heaven due to your bad behavior. On the contrary, God has frequently displayed His overwhelming love for sinners far mor egregious than yourselves. He did this most emphatically by dying for all your sins. Since you seem to be out of them, I would be happy to send you a copy of the Holy Bible, in which you can read the Law and the Gospel, and learn how all this fits together. Please advise me of of your address in Cross Plains, WI to which I can send your Bible (or, if you prefer, your Pre-Mortality Survival Guide). I would e-mail one to you, but unfortunately my e-mail software will not support the attachment of files larger than 20 megabytes. Once you advise me of the address, you can expect to receive delivery within 2 to 6 weeks."
- William R. Kerner

"Fellas, I gotta admit, being a dyed in the wool, bible believing Christian to boot, mind you, that this is the funniest site I've encountered in a while. Just for laughs, I'd love to know how many of my more simpleton brethren have actually bought some of this stuff. I hate to say it, but I would not be surprised if there is a new Beemer in this for you. LaHaye and Jenkins are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of this first. Hope you believe in Christ someday in spite of the madness. But thanks for the laughter anyhow."
- Ang

"Haven't laughed so much in weeks. Would either/or both of you like to marry me? I am awfully pretty and won't be saved anytime soon so could help with the postal delivery. I have a full driver's license and can cycle and ride horses in the event of a petrol scarcity at the time of the 'crisis'"
- Amal Kaoua-O'Sullivan

"I like your site, great idea. Keep up the good work."
- Eric

"So how can a trust a bunch of atheists to deliver my mail? This is a great idea, but it sounds fishy to me."
- Mike

"You guys are incredible! Honest, straightforward, upfront and ethical charlatans! But how can you be charlatans and shysters when you tell the"flock" to be fleeced that you're fleecing them? That makes you honest purveyors of a service that your clientele chooses to purchase. ."
- Summers

"Not sure what to think of your site, to be honest. I'm 36. I was 18 when God opened my eyes to the reality of His existence. My life hasn't't been the same since. I'd love to know your stories. What's happened that's caused you to be so cynical. With every fiber of my being, I'm sure there is within you, a deep longing to know and be known. You guys are clearly interested in 'spiritual' things or you'd find much better ways to make your money. I'm guessing your view of God isn't't rooted in Scripture, rather rooted in bits and pieces of verses you'I've heard, and from life experiences that you've assessed through your clouded lenses. I don't know. I bet you guys are the type of guys I'd love to hang out with. As a matter of fact, I hang out with lots of guys who think like you do, or at least used to. After building relationships with them though, asking the tough questions, and helping them wrestle with the tough answers, most of them have come to the conclusion that it'd actually take more faith to NOT believe in the existence of a God than to devote your life to following Him. Even though at this point you're choosing to live your lives separated from a personal, intimate relationship with the One who created you, you're obviously still making time to read His Word. My only suggestion would be, chuck the King James Version you have, spend $20 from all the money you're making off your site, and make a trip to your local Christian bookstore to pick up a user friendly, easier to read version, like the NIV or the ESV. I promise, it'll be money well spent. If you're worried because someone, somewhere, at some point in time led you to believe that the King James Version is the literal Word of God, they were wrong and you got duped. It's not, so read a version of the Bible that actually might make sense and one you might even be able to understand. Once you've done that, spend some time reading the book of John. And while you're reading it, ask the God who doesn't exist to make Himself known to you in the unlikely event that He DOES exist. See what happens. If by some crazy chance you have a change of heart and decide this God might actually exist (I guess that'd move you from an atheist to an agnostic, right?), let me know. I'd love to start a dialogue with you about these kinds of things. Let's have lunch sometime!"
- Dirk

"Brilliant, I nearly wet myself laughing. Are the funds rolling in, or are these Christians as tight-fisted as I imagine?"
- Philip

"I'd pray for you if I believed it would do anything. Since it doesn't, keep up the good work. I myself am a gunslinger of blasphemy and would love to be designated as a deliverer in Oklahoma. I am that one liberal you may have heard of from my state. Anyway, in case of rapture, I'll find a cool car that's abandoned and deliver all of the messages in Oklahoma. After all of the messages are delivered we'll get together and work on that plan b mentioned in the FAQ's, snicker."
- Wes Campbell, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

"You guys have cajones the size of cantelopes. Remember from the movie MICHAEL..."MONEYCHANGERS !" Does the inside of the"I told you so" card include the phrase" Na -Na, Na-Na-Na-Na" ? I thought it was sweet though that someone include you on their mailing list as well. Capitalism at it's finest... I salute you. Well, it appears you've hit upon an unlosable idea here. I know of some Christians who would be very offended by this entrepreneurial exploit and website. But I, personally, find it quite amusing and have passed it on to others. Even some I know will be offended! But hey, that's who I am!!I wonder though, have you considered the possibility that you might become Christians prior to the Rapture and you may well be spirited away after all? I know, as non Christians, you will consider this absurd right now. But I was a non believer once and I too thought I'd never be converted. As much as you proudly proclaim your non Christian lifestyles now, I seriously doubt you are as committed non Christians as I once was.compared to my previous life, I'm more than certain you boys are only dabbling non Christians. So if it can happen to me''. Anyway, I just think you should have a back up plan. Perhaps enlist the help of other non Christians in the event you are Raptured yourselves. Your best bet would be to find some current Christians too, as many of us will be remaining behind. Much to their own shock. I am pleased that you are even aware of the Rapture though. Pleased because when it does happen, and if you remain, you will know what it is and you will tell others. And your website will also make others more aware of the Rapture. So they'll know what it is too. In a way, you are providing a Christian service. Ironic huh!! And what's more ironic is, you would probably make more cash selling Bibles. lolI couldn't help but notice the whole concept you've hit on is pretty much 'playing it safe' though. I'd be more impressed if you'd done something similar mocking the Muslim faith. Because then, your arse would be grass. See what you can come up with anyway. Just a thought and let me know if you do. I'll be sure to email it to every Muslim person and mosque I can think of. Anything to help you out. I believe a persons faith is personal and should not be subject to ridicule or abuse. I even respect the opinions of non Christians. So, I will wish you all well and thank you for the laugh."
- Gordon Is

"Too funny!!! It's about time us nonbelievers made some money off the devout, instead of the other way around! Thanks for the laughs! What a gag! If you ever need a post office in Scotland, let me know."
- Mike

"Dear Sirs, Having just discovered your website I was overjoyed at the possibility of having a post rapture future as a post rapture post delivery agent. I am currently self employed and have two automobiles, my pilots license and a sturdy bicycle. I believe my atheism and early hedonistic lifestyle leave me guaranteed to be here after the rapture. Please let me know what the monetary or security compensation might be. Also is there any way I can be put on retainer now?"
- Hilary

"Dear Sirs: If my hypothesis is correct your plan cannot work. When God created us he gave us a precious gift that makes us what we are. To squander that gift by not using it properly is a slap in the face of God. (If he even has a face). If your child, your creation, slapped you in the face you would not be very happy and probably send him/her/he/she/it to his/her/it's/their room without supper. How much greater would be the anger of the creator of the entire universe: the almighty and righteous God the Father? Woe unto he who misuses His gift. That gift is the power of reason. Use it properly and wisely and you shall be in the vanguard of those in rapture. Misuse it and you/thee/thou shall be left behind to suffer for eternity. Through the proper use of reason, by applying it as it was meant to be used by the Lord, after sifting through all the evidence and claims, the only logical conclusion you can come to is that God does not exist. Ergo: only atheists can go to heaven. Belief in God is prima facie evidence that reason has been abused. The people using your service will be left behind. They should be the recipients, not the senders of your messages. As you can see you business plan needs a little adjustment. A consultation fee for my efforts would be welcome. Say... 25% of the proceeds?"
- Rod Peet, Jr.

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