"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done." (1 Chronicles 16:8)

The following are real comments and feedback provided through email and phone correspondence. Opinions presented are not necessarily the views of the Post-Rapture Post website.

"I am shocked at your website. It is not even remotely funny. It is sick and all who are a part of this surely, God will judge to damnation. It's a shame to know we have to share the world with such evil and demons."
- Kim Fellner

"I just want you to know that this site disgusts me. I hope you guys will come to understand how much you are off in Gods word. . There is no such thing as the rapture. It doesn't even speak of it in the Bible. I hope you guys will be ready to refund alot of money in end times because we aren't going anywhere God is coming to us. Oh thats right God will burn the remnants, Im sure that will include you unless you start doing some studying, please let me know if you want to come to a true understanding of Gods word, and not this wivestale of the Rapture. God is not someone you want to play games with. His word is true and enduring to the end. This is not a joke, the Rapture is a lie and you are encouraging this by selling something to people they won't even need. Ill look for you in tribulation because we will ALL still be here."
- Tracy Pickett

"Clearly this is a joke, clever satire. It wasobviously a joke when the you said George W Bush wouldgo to heaven after he's been responsible for over655,000 deaths and counting. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually taken you upon this, and how many if any have paid the $799?"
- Michael Craig

"you're site is so fuckin' cool."
- Sabrina Bingham

"Thank you so much for the chuckle. This is one of the funniest things I've seen on the web in some time... . . You actually have people subscribing for this service??I do applaud your ingenuity and skill at"shearing the sheep". Fools and their money are indeed soon parted... the rubes certainly cannot see the irony at work here. Keep up the good work!" P. M. Franklin, Ft. Myers FL

"Quite seriously, this is one of the greatest site ideas I've ever come across. You wouldn't happen to need another partner, would you?"
- D/B

"Just curious if you are going to need any help with the post-rapturedeliveries? I, too, am an atheist and will probably be a little short oncash at rapture time seeing as those bible thumpers will probably wantto take it with them rather than provide for those of us left behind. Full resum' on request."
- Jan Mills, Jr.

"This site is a bright idea. Congrats. I wish I'd thought of it first. '
- Alec Reitter

"Although I disagree with your worldview, only a self-important foolwould not appreciate the humor in your site. Congratulations! And,should the impossible actually occur, remember your Plan B."
- Karl

"too fricken funny. Makes me wish I'd thought of it... If you need more atheist mailmen post-rapture, look me up!"
- Shannon

"you guys are seriously fucking geniuses"
- Jared Phillips

"Is there any"money back guarantees? What if you're right?"
- Donna Starr

"From one Atheist to another, what a way to make a profit off of the religious! They've been swiping money from taxpayers for years! I love it, I'm just jealous that I didn't think of it first! I wonder if that is a sin?"
- Preston

"you gotta be kiddin me!i can't believe this isn't a hoax! wow. are people actually signing up for this?paying, what, freakin US$800 for mail that is being delivered after the"rapture"?how are they even gonna check if you've done it or not?do they actually have to pay upfront?which then leaves you with thousands of dollars and some crap to heat your house with?wow. i am not hatin at all. i am just astonished by your creativity in exploiting peoples stupidity."
- Kasimir

"Hi, I think you guys are scamming us. I thought that at the same time that Jesus comes again to take the pure of heart up into Heaven that the unbelievers would be cast into the everlasting lake of fire. How can you possibly send email or parcels to anyone if you are down 'there'?"
- Ole Nielson

"In the same vein I think that we humanistic types should be in charge of security at Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Since we have absolutely no interest in promoting Armeggeddon we could be" honest brokers". All persons wishing to enter the shrine area should undergo proceedures similar to that required toboard a commercial aircraft. Your service is a good idea. I hope you make a bundle!"
- Dan Smith

"As an Anglican priest, I howled when I saw this. When the"Rapture nuts" are removed from the earth, it will be a better place to live, don't you think?"
- Anonymous

"I just wanted to thank you for brightening up my day. I plan on ordering one of your shirts in the near future. No messages though, I don't believe in the rapture either. I do belive that if there is a God he will appreciate your sense of humor."
- Kathryn

"I love it! This is the best thing I have ever seen. I hope you sell a million delivery contracts. Ok ' I'm a christian that heard about your site on the neal boortz show. I'm sure other christians will be offended (as they usually are by anything outside their little christian bubbles of existence),but I find this hilarious. Absolute genious ' mainly because, if the christians are right (as I believe we are) and there is a rapture, you'll be so busy trying to figure out how to remedy your situation you won't have time (or concern) to deliver these messages. So if the rapture doesn't happen you get paid, and if you do, you get paid AND you wont' be delivering anything. Christians who don't take the time to discern this scam deserve to be taken by it. Kudos."
- Ray

"I honestly think your idea is brilliant and I wish you much success. I also appreciate the mostly respectful tone on your online ad towards Christians. It must have been excruciating for you not to be condescending, but then you would have alienated your future clients. My husband has a childhood pal who is an atheist, but he won't discuss his reasoning with us. I've always wondered how someone can go through life convinced that there is no God, despite the plethora of evidence to the contrary. I CAN completely understand why some folks could think badly of a God whose followers can be complete assholes, hypocrites and liars. I know that multitudes of hurts have been perpetrated in God's name over the centuries. I am only speaking of Yahweh, the God of the Bible and his son Yeshua (Jesus), NOT the false gods, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, etc. The whole,"What kind of loving God would allow _____" thing is understandable also. Could you please help my poor little pea brain understand your opinion? I would really appreciate hearing from you!"
- Donna

"Great way to make cash, and help out your fellow man! I'm an atheisttoo, and I say, with all the Heaven-bent people gone, after therapture, the world might just a better place, so yes, I'd beinterested in making sure all the Jesus Freaks go on up to be withhim! What can I do to become a part of your team?On your site you say: Some of our personal sins include: drunkenness,heresy, sacrilige/blasphemy, gluttony, laciviousness, and sloth. I'd bet that you're also a bunch of Sodomists!And you may even have a Gomorrahist or two in your bunch!"
- Ken

"Dear Post-Rapture Post,I found your site online, and immediately began thinking about my future job prospects in the unlikely event of the Rapture. Are you accepting applications now for postmen, or will all hiring be after the Rapture? I have a Florida Class E driver's license and I am a confirmed Atheist. I am willing to travel, since my wife is Christian, I will have no connections to tie me down to a geographic location; also my health-insurance costs should be lower since she obviously will not need a medical plan. Resume available upon request."
- Jason Kleinberg

"Bloody Brilliant. I'm thinking of ordering a letter delivered to myself after the rapture saying something like, 'They're gone! They're gone! No more war! No more Christian Rock! Go Celebrate!' Of course I'm an atheist... but one can dream."
- Nick

"I never realized that just being an atheist could be a money makingopportunity. More power to you!I love the cards by the way. They would make awesome mock Christmas cards. Much better than Santa with an elf lodged in his crack. I would ask about job opportunitites, but you'd be fools to hire anyone else,other than someone to help count the money. Congratulations!"
- Rodney Smith

"God forbid that you should not be able to change your minds about youratheism. Who'll get the message out then?"
- Don

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