"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done." (1 Chronicles 16:8)

The following are real comments and feedback provided through email and phone correspondence. Opinions presented are not necessarily the views of the Post-Rapture Post website.

"Say you behave well and is against all odds are accepted into heaven on the day of the Rapture. You will then, upon your entry into heaven, be guilty of betrayal and you will have to be send down to Hell on Earth again, where you can now live up to your promise anyway. The only solution to this paradox is that is is allowed to sin once you are in heaven?"
- Steffen

"Dudes,I was looking at your site and that's... awesome , just awesome. I have to ask... the testimonials. You made those up, right? Those aren'treally letters from real people, are they? No one's that gullible, right?Respectfully,Brian P. PS. Since I AM a rolling-on-the-floor fundamentalist nutcase Christian, I'dbe remiss if I didn't encourage you to get saved. So I now do so. But I'mstill laughing my head off."

"This is the funniest thing I've seen on the web since the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Being a fellow Atheist, your services will be of no use to me, perhaps you can find a sympathetic xtian who would be willing to deliver mail to anyone raptured? Congrats for cornering a market. I really have to know, are people taking you seriously? You're answer could impact my faith (or lack thereof) in people! Unfortunately, I could see my sister signing up for this."
- Teri Tipton

- Phatboy777509828@aol.com

"Post-Rapture Post, I think that I'm going to need something warm to wear after the Rapture, but the link to purchase your t-shirts appears to be disabled. Is there another link/ site that I could use to get either the male or female Post-Rapture tees? Both I and the girl with whom I live in Sin will need suitable attire in the dark days to come."
- Matt Lennon

"Like your site. I was interested in buying your Post-Rapture survival guide but I'm going to wait until the actual"event" occurs. Do you anticipate any "out of stock" issues?"
- Scott Ross

"I got to ask this question,"How is business?"Sheer brilliance! I just wish I had thought of this first. Good Luck!"
- W. Holland

"On Live Journal (www. livejournal.com) I belong to a community named dark_christian. We have taken much pleasure in your website, and are curious as to if your site has collected funds thus far. Also, are you from Cross Plains, WI, or did you arbitrarily choose that city as the postmark?Cheerfully supporting your endeavors"
- Jessica Zimmerman

"Hello-I have a question that is not addressed in your FAQ section. I am wondering if you have considered that you may not be able to travel after the Rapture. I'm sure that many airline pilots, taxi drivers, bus drivers, maintenance people, and government officials (well, maybe not many of those) will be taken away up to Heaven in a glorious trumpet blast from the clouds, and total chaos may follow. This could make travel difficult or impossible. Remember that all that will be left behind will be heathens and fornicators, and all the forces for good in the world (like people who condemn gay rights) will no longer be on the earth. It will become a very dangerous place, with roving bands of abortionists and homosexuals looking to kill your babies and redocorate your houses. How do you know that you will still be able to deliver letters all over the country? Do you have a plan in place to meet the new demands of the Post Rapture world?"
- Lynn

"Please send me an application for the position of mail carrier for post-rapture mail delivery. Thank you."
- Jim Crawford

"I love it! I hope you make billions off these fools!"
- Mary

"Wonderful. Well Done. Hey I'm a Nullifidian in Arkansas and wanted to know if you need any couriers in this area? I too will be around after the so-called rapture and would be available for the many, many fine folks in this part of the country that believe that they will be leaving soon. Just let me know, or you may send me a Large t shirt that I will display proudly in these parts, to help get the word out that a Post-Rapture Post is now available."
- LeeWood Thomas

"This is unbelievable. I have to know have you actually sold one of the"Class III" messages?? If so, well done."
- M

"This is genius! I wish I'd thought of it."
- Paul Cochrane

"I was curious if I bought one of these messages if you could go ahead and bill my credit card the day before you send it ?You will still get the money cause the credit card company won't know that I am gone."
- Richard Pfeil

"This is great! I would love to see the names of the people that actually do this, just so I can make sure to stay a safe distance away from them. Man, to think these people can vote. You guys got a great thing going here, what genius!"
- Nick

"I saw your site. I think it is genius. You guys have done a great job with it, I am very impressed, it is humorous yet respectful, and it serves a purpose for everyone involved. You guys probably think I am an idiot for believing in the Rapture, that's cool, it's not all that important. I am intereseted, have you guys gotten many orders?"
- Scott Villemain

"This is an excellent idea. I'm thinking the best way I could support you guys is with a swank blue-collar gas station mechanic style"Post Rapture Delivery Staff" shirt with my name on a patch. While I AM a Christian, I don't believe in pre-millennial dispensation, so I figure my chances at getting raptured are about the same as yours. Besides, if God doesn't have a sense of humour, I don't want to be hanging out with him anyway."
- Jonathon Peterson

"I am a 20 year Rural Letter Carrier who has just accepted a position in management and therefore am in league with Satan and surely will not only be left behind but may indeed be in charge. I think we should think more about the years we must live post rapture and put together a new postal service. With only managers left we will be in need of some folks to do the work. Maybe you guys? Let me know. Organized Labor need not apply. The truly demonic do not give the little guy a break. Good luck delivering all that mail."
- Robert Nason

"Ahah! you guys are the best!Can't wait for all those motherf***s to go to heaven so they stopbullshitting and making wars and censoring pope parody on tv etc etc etc"
- Marco

"As a Buddhist, I want to thank you for your thoughtful service to my Evangelical brothers. They say I'm going to hell at rapture time, so maybe I can help out by delivering some of your mail. I've already renounced a life of sin and debauchery, so I'll have nothing better to do... Please add to the list of your sins: Bad spelling. (It's"sacrilege" and"Lasciviousness". )"
- Roger

"Hello, I found the Post Rapture Post through a link on Reddit. Seeing this really made my day. What a brilliant idea. I can't help but to wonder whether any Christians have sincerely submitted letters with the belief that A. ) The rapture would happen in their lifetime, and that B. ) they were expecting a place in heaven? To be honest, if there were more than a slim handful (if any) I would be surprised. I suppose it is my experience that, although Christianity seems to be so obviously nonsensical that I often question the intelligence of those who practice it, most Christians are nevertheless quite aware of when they are being teased. I suspect that this is because they themselves see the absurdities, but have simply trained themselves from an early age to ignore them. Anyway, sorry for the rambling. This is mostly idle curiosity on my part. Please feel free to discard this message if you are otherwise inundated."
- Matt

"Dear creators of postrapturepost.com,I would like to take this time to congratulate you on account of your creativity, talent, and overall awesomeness. My only regret in life is that I wasn't the one to create the website you operate. I wish you the greatest of success in life and that you become so incredibly wealthy that you fear your life will end before you've spend all of the money that you have amassed and of course a long life. In the event that you do find yourselves in a situation in which your money may go unspent, let me know I would be more than happy to lift such a heavy burden off of your powerful shoulders."
- Jake

"I read the testimonials and the fact that these peopledon't get the joke (assuming the testimonials arereal)is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen onthe web all year. Keep up the good work."
- Fred

"You are absolutely genius. If you need anyone to come help work for this idea... I know a guy! As an atheist I have never laughed so hard when I stumbled upon this website after reading about it on Digg."
- Corey Couch

"So, it seems to me that there might be a serious lack of employment after the rapture, and I figured I'd better cover all my bases... Are you accepting positions as deliverymen?"
- Max Schlienger

"That is imaginatively, gloriously hilarious!I hope you sell lots of letters, particularly of the $800 kind!"
- Paul Mirel

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