"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done." (1 Chronicles 16:8)

The following are real comments and feedback provided through email and phone correspondence. Opinions presented are not necessarily the views of the Post-Rapture Post website.

"I'm really interested on how well your site is doing financially. Do a lot of people actually seek your services and do the spend 800 bones on that deluxe model. Just curious."
- Joe Funkhouser

"You know I think this is great! Very thought provoking website'and I'm NOT an atheists'good job"
- Jeff

"Rock on, guys. You are my heroes. I hope you're making buckets of money from the delusional masses ;-)"
- Nicole

"You left-wing, anti-Christian types really have me rolling in my boots at times. As a Christian myself, I thought that I should let you know that not all Christians believe in the rapture; as the term itself is not even in the Bible. I also hope that you are thankful that you live in a country that values free speech; because if you lived in perhaps Iran or Lebanon and mocked Islam, well, I'm sure you know'. . At the end of the day, I do hope that mocking Christianity brings you some sense accomplishment or satisfaction in your pitiful lives."
- Michael Brito

"How do you sleep at night... hopefully on a big pile of money! This is like a tax on stupid people. What I don't understand (as you never have to WRITE any of these letters) iswhy you don't have a disgustingly expensive model. You know, like etched ingold or something."
- Matthew Kagle

"I want to leave a message for my loved ones. They need to know thepower of Jesus Christ and feel his love in their hearts. Make itquick because I talked to Jesus on the subway today and he told menext week is the day. I'm sure it was Jesus because he keptscreaming"I'm Jesus! I'm Jesus"... . . or was he saying I'm JackieChan?... . hmmm don't remember. Just incase this is a pretty good idea."
- David Clopton

"You guys/gals/entities are brilliant"
- Michael W. Klymkowsky

"Being an atheist, I was more than amused when I visited your site. You have some great iteams but I was thinking about one card that you don't have on your page: a"Wish You Were Here" card. I definitely think you should add this as an item to purchase. Good luck in your endeavors. From one atheist to another, cheers!"
- Vageli Mouzakitis

"Just stumbled over the post rapture postal service and I must say it's a great idea! I'm an atheist myself and had myself a good laugh whenreading through your site :)."
- Eskild Hustvedt

"This is an excellent idea. I'm thinking the best way I could support you guys is with a swank blue-collar gas station mechanic style"Post Rapture Delivery Staff" shirt with my name on a patch. While I AM a Christian, I don't believe in pre-millenial dispensation, so I figure my chances at getting raptured are about the same as yours. Besides, if God doesn't have a sense of humour, I don't want to be hanging out with him anyway."
- Jonathan Peterson

"As an Atheist I decided to send myself a Post-Rapture message in the event that I'm completely wrong that religious people are brain-washed. On my post I typed a funny joke to help me laugh through my eternity in hell and I will share this joke with all the other damned Atheists left behind. With this message we'll create our own heaven of laughter which will rival that of God's. Now I just need to come up with a joke that is exceptionally humorous. . do you know one?By the way, you guys are invited. We're gonna get so high on sulfur dioxide, it'll be sweet.
- Daniel Kirschenbaum, Tacoma Washington

"Hey,Just wanted to say, you guys are geniuses! What a good way to makesome money off those mentally-ill rapturists! I hope you guys make akilling, I'm sure you'll do well for yourself."
- Neil

"I hate you for thinking of this before I did. Seriously. But I like yourstyle and I laughed a lot when I read the Class III Message caption. On asidenote, I hope you're not investing heavily in Spam and Twinkies becauseeveryone knows they're going to be the only currency after theapocalypse. ."
- Ryan

"i am speechless... probably bc i cant stop laughing. this is just some funny funny comical humorous satirical sarcastic shit and i love yall for it."
- Lauren

"Here's my post rapture letter: You're FUCKING crazy."
- Berk96@aol.com

"I myself am a Christian and think your site is hilarious. I do not believe in a rapture (but hey if it happens I'm cool with that) and to be honest I think if it actually does happen you would kind of be caught up in other things that might take away from your postal responsibilities, but America is great because of capitalism and duping rube Christians is an awesome idea (from a atheist point of view). I think I might order a bunch of the"I told ya so cards" because that is the ultimate in Christian humility J . How many people have actually bought anything, and I'm guessing since there isn't going to be a rapture ( in your point of view) you guys may not be fully stocked currently for all you orders. Anyway funny/great idea I'll put a good word in with big G and baby J for ya just in case, and forward this to all of my Christian friends."
- Brian Young

"First of all, I was going to question your claims of being professional computer geeks until I saw that you had a g-mail account, good call. I too am an atheist and after reviewing your website I came to the realization that two men will be quite unable to get all these messages delivered in an apocalyptic world. Being somewhat of a hippie (but with less dirt and more wit) I do hold to the"one man can make a difference" thing, but it will still be damn near impossible for two computer scientists to be ensuring the delivery of these post-rapture cards. You may already have a system in place that I may not be aware of, but if not I hereby offer my services to you in the event that Rapture happens. I can promise you that I will be here after the time of Rapture, if I am taken up into heaven I am sure I will meet you two as well and we will all be surprised, etc... When Rapture happens, I will do everything in my power to find your humble offices and assist in getting these messages out. Who knows how long the post will still function? It barely functions today and I'm sure something like Rapture would disrupt the daily late delivery of my Playboys and Rollingstones. Consider this offer, and if one could be of use to you then I shall be your man."
- Rev. Patrick P. Salomon, Universal Life Church

"I like the class III message (Our flagship model. Your message of up to3,000 characters is hand-scribed on medieval style parchment sheets, andthen rolled and wrapped with a fine Italian ribbon. The Class IIImessage is delivered immediately after the Rapture, so expect deliveryin as little as one day, depending on the transportation optionsavailable to those rejected from the Kingdom of God. ), but I thinking asinging telegram is what I'm looking for. Would you please consideradding this to your services?"
- Dale Bratvold

"Hello! As a Christian (albeit a very moderate one), I think this is funny as hell!! (Pun intended) Keep up the good work. I know some pretty conservative Christians who would probably use your services! Take care!"
- Marty

"I've known about your site for quite some time, but only NOW, in my drunken/beenuptoolongandshouldn'thaveeatenthosemushroomsatfourinthemorning state did I get the silly little pun"god hates faqs"ok that's really not as important as I think it may have been. you know why. please don't tell. You are Brilliant!I wish I had thought of this. After the Rapture I will be thefirst to apply for a job delivering the 3 lettersthat will be left by the 3 people who actuallydo rapture out of here."
- Kim Morris, Meriden CT

"I always believed if I were slightly less ethical, or a little smarter,I would be rich beyond imagining. I don't know which side of the fence you fall on, but hooray: take themfor all they are worth."
- John Gentile

"Your site is the most hilarious thing I have ever read. I am a veryliberal Episcopalian in a very liberal parish (church). Forclarification, Episcopalians do NOT believe the Bible is a documentto be read literally. Episcopalians also accept scientific,technological, and medical advances as good (read: dinosaurs areread and stem-cell research is good). I can't wait to show your siteto my husband, who does not believe in organized religion."
- Leila Wheless

"hey buttlords, the rapture and our saviour jesus h christ ain't nothing to joke about, if i didn't have a cat asleep on my lap i'd come over there and kick you square in the nuts. i'll be prayin' for you chodelicking sinners. your friend in christ,walt jizney"give me some of that superhero pussy."
- Matthew

"If there is a hell you guys will be first in line...ha ha ha"
- Anonymous

"Dear Guys, Very clever! As someone who is, unfortunately, touched by"Christians" in so many ways, I got a great laugh from your (apparently legitimate) website. I thought of some other merchandising opportunities you may be missing: Post-Rapture Dental Care Gift Basket. There will be much gnashing of teeth here on earth after the Rapture, and those who are left behind will doubtlessly appreciate the gift of good teeth! Toothpaste, dental floss, and Crest White Strips. Televangelist Gift Pack: To help keep your favorite evangelist in business after the Rapture, this gift pack includes twelve dozen assorted condoms, twelve cans of hair spray, 24 MRE's, and a small supply of methamphetemine (subject to local laws). Darwin"Fish" Removal package: Boy! Is it ever going to be uncomfortable for all those people who made fun of the Jeezus fish by putting a fish with legs on the back of their cars! This package includes a small chisel and glue solvent. Feel free to use my ideas free of charge! See you after the Rapture!"
- Jeff, West Palm Beach

"L. O. L."
- Ron DeKeyzer

"catholics are the worst"
- J Lee

"This site is absolutely hilarious! I hope you make a lotof cash, so there are fewer camels trying to pass through the eyes ofneedles. [erm, as you may have guessed, I wasn't blighted byChristianity]"
- Graham

"Hey guys,I checked our your site and loved it. It's hilarious and clever; Iespecially love your"Class III Message". I was just wondering, doesanybody actually buy these things? That would only make it more hilarious."
- Jonathan

"Hello,I am wondering if you are accepting applications for post-Rapturedelivery personnel. I am a lesbian and an atheist, so I willdefinitely be left behind. I am a reliable and diligent worker and I'dlike to set something up for myself now so that I am better preparedto deal with the unavoidable economic chaos following the rapture. Iam happy to send a resume and references. Please let me know if youneed additional evidence of my unsuitability for heaven."
- Leah Drennan

"I have some pesky fundamentalist neighbors. Is there anything I can do to speed up the Rapture?"
- Mark

"Fellows, You have made me laugh! Thank you. If I can return the favor, visit: www. inthatdayteachings.com You appear to be the only people who have made an honest buck from those who believe in the rapture. And that is a miracle I did not think was possible."
- Robert Winkler Burke

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